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I'm bad at explaining, but a connection is like somebody you know that you are both associated by the same thing, like art. Someone who can help open doors with your career. Like family or friends or anyone really. commission can help you find connections, but i don't really know any other ways besides that. w/ = with :)

Aw I’m not good at understanding too…D:
Mmm… so return your first ask: How to use art to connections with people, except commission?
Well, I think… just keep drawing and someone has the same interest with you will be attracted lol.
Actually you want connections with someone, of course you need to talk to them in initiative, but I’m so shy to talk with others in initiative ahaha…

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sends a bouquet of white roses to the senpai! <3

Sends a bouquet of ice flower to senpai!

(#^w^#)∠※ (#^w^#)∠※ (#^w^#)∠※ (#^w^#)∠※ (#^w^#)∠※

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Are you going to put Neo in your AU?

I’m not sure~



Opening NSFW commissions!

Much love if signal boosted! Thank you!♥︎♥︎♥︎

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Commissions for Mike
Thanks for first time draw Roman &amp; Neo~

Commissions for Mike

Thanks for first time draw Roman & Neo~

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How did you come up with the idea for Henceforward????

I want lady Ruby with a Hedgehog.

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Is there a place where I could just read the chapters


Commission for Signal Flare
Yaaaaaaay bumblebeeeeeeee &lt;3

Commission for Signal Flare

Yaaaaaaay bumblebeeeeeeee <3

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Hey Kuma your RWBY AU is awesome! Maybe better than the actual show. I was wondering if you had in mind a plan for how long your AU is gonna go or if you already had an ending in mind? Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks~>///< Um, I can’t give you a real number… at least 30 chapters I think… what’s wrong with me I’m sick lol. Oh and the end is happy end of course I have done~ ehe ^^

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I've actually been wondering for a while, but how far in the future is HF? How old are Ruby and the others now?

20-30 ehe

though I have thinking far when they are 30-40 … but it’s another story in HF’s future ehe

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We all know how adorable Ruby is so I wanted to ask,how does Weiss handle such cuteness~?

Become a puffer to contest who’s the most adorable

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By Sparkles I mean the little stars that were popping up around her in those last two image replies. It was a joke about her being really shiny and blinding someone with it.

Oh~~ I got it~
Aha… you look too up my english level XD

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Is Weiss unveiling a new technique where she acts so prideful that her sparkles blind the enemy?

(oAO;) ???
What sparkles…. blind enemy?

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At the last chapter Weiss face was like " Calm down Yang. My dolt is awesome huntress" 😄


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Okay I just love the way Weiss look like a such a proud girlfriend ahaha great face expression :D