A message from trademarkdz
You know ever since they had talked about Summer Rose (Ruby's Mom) I would always Picture her as your Henceforward Ruby Rose only with a white cape. What do you think?

Well, maybe I need to add Summer in HF to distinguish :D

A message from Anonymous
so how long does it take for u to draw your art

Of course need to according to finesse~

A message from ttran2179
If I may ask, in your Henceforward AU, is Blake gonna get a happy ending? Or is she doomed for misery?

happy ending i swear!

A message from Anonymous
In your hencefor au if ruby and weiis have a son how she/he looks likes? Or maybe they have twins?

Actually I really have design them. 3 child, one of them not their real child. ahaha
But I think I’ll finish HF first… umm, maybe.

A message from capsa-kou
Hi kuma , in you AU when and how ruby and Weiss confessed to the each other ? I mean it was before the graduation of Weiss or after ?

Oh I’ll think about it.
After finish HF i think.

A message from haku1013
I love you

OMG thank you love you too friend!

A message from Anonymous
when do you update AU?

I’m also confused

A message from johne16minecraft
do you think because of your comic poeple might think diffrent about blake and the whole future of rwby? i think some will end up in it like ruby scyth breaks and she needs to repair it and she may makes a scyth likes youres

Nah this just an fancomic.
Though I’ll draw it seriously ehe

A message from johne16minecraft
do you think some parts of your manga is going to end up in volume 2?

No? becauce I draw very slow.

A message from thedudebycrew
I was wondering.....would you and the others be up to doing an actual art tournement to see who tumblr thinks is the best? Ships and Theme will be chosen at random. I'll explain everything in better detail if you're interested.

tournament? no it sounds hurt. (´・ω・`)

A message from liyrical
Hi! I really like your art, its really pretty! May I ask? How do you colour your drawings?

Thanks:) Umm, how to… tell you? Can I use chinese?

A message from damekage
Can we seriously discuss the fact that Ruby has her weapon on speed dial.

seriously discuss…speed dial…??? what dial? 


Oh I see now, thanks for you guys tell me~

Umm, umm, b-but I’m still don’t know seriously discuss what?

A message from niladmirai
I think we can wait a few days. Go get some good R&R at the beach!

Thank you haha well I delay chap 10 very long time!

Ahaha, I quit, I can’t finish chapter 10 before this week. And tomorrow I’ll go to the beach 3 days, these days I’ll stop henceforward, commissions, and all my work ≡≡ヽ(ᐛ)ノ’


Um I just stop 3 day (|||゚д゚) and I can’t use internet these 3 day btw.

A message from forceupdatedfoodchef
Do you have a online store?